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Make More Money Masterclass

In October 2019, I sat with my journal and the whiteboard where I tracked my income, thinking about the previous September when I made about $2000 between my Beachbody business, babysitting, and dog walking.
Between September 2018 and October 2019, I'd brought in over $91,000+.
That 6-figure goal that I’d had in mind for years...ended up coming true for me in 2019.
So much changed for me in so little time, in the grand scheme of things.
And as I reflected, I realized it all came from a decision to RELEASE what I thought it was “supposed” to look like.
I thought that I was going to make my 6 figures with Beachbody only.
I was dead set on that plan. It had been done by hundreds of coaches before me. I knew it was possible.
But 3 years in, feeling like I’d hit so many milestones...and the income hadn’t caught up.
It was September 2018 when I finally allowed myself to step outside of the box I’d created for myself.
To get creative.
To offer more, beyond what my (wonderful) network marketing company offered.
To get paid for ALL of my heart and knowledge and expertise.
And so I launched programs of my own, while still fully working my BB business. The money started pouring in and I finally felt like I was being rewarded for all of the years of work leading up to that moment.
Network marketing started it ALL for me, and I love it so much.
I also fully believe that multiple streams of income are important as hell, and that if you’re not creating your own offers as well, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity as a business owner.
I put together the Make More Money Masterclass for the network marketer desiring more growth, scaling their income, growing the business they’re involved in while also having their eggs in plenty of other baskets.
The more baskets, the more eggs you can fit.
The more openings for income, the more money that can flow.
Ya feel me?
I’m teaching you how in the lowest priced masterclass I’ve ever offered, because I want you to jump.
I want this to be a “duh” decision. A no brainer.
I’m ready to help you scale. This is just the beginning.
Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Complete your enrollment now and get immediate access to this hour long Masterclass, and get started right away.
**Please note: due to the nature of this offer, there will be no refunds.